Journey at Groww

Yash Pathak
2 min readMay 3


As an SDET Intern at Groww since July 2022, I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn from amazing mentors. One of the things that I appreciate the most about Groww is its focus on self-development and learning.

The company culture emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and encourages us to take on new challenges and learn from our experiences. This has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, and to explore different areas of technology.

As an SDET, my primary focus has been on ensuring that the software and systems we develop at Groww are of the highest quality. This involves writing and executing test cases, debugging issues, and working closely with the development team to ensure that the software meets the requirements and expectations of our users.

I have found working at Groww to be incredibly rewarding, both in terms of technical skills and personal growth. The company culture is one of collaboration and teamwork, and everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions.

Moreover, the company provides us with opportunities for personal growth and development. We have access to various training programs, seminars, and workshops that help us to enhance our skills and knowledge. I have attended several of these programs and have found them to be incredibly valuable in my personal and professional development.

In addition to the technical skills, I have also learned a lot about working in a team and collaborating effectively. The senior team members at Groww have been amazing mentors, guiding me through the technical and non-technical aspects of the job, and providing me with valuable insights that have helped me grow as a professional.

Working at Groww has been an amazing experience, and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had so far. The company culture, emphasis on self-development, and amazing mentors have all contributed to my growth as an SDET and as a person.

In conclusion, Groww is not just a company that focuses on tech and SDET, but it is also a place where personal growth and development are encouraged and supported. Working at Groww has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me, and I look forward to learning more and contributing to the success of the company in the future.



Yash Pathak

An Intermediate Django developer exploring Python frameworks, with side interests in Data Structures and Algorithms.