My Summer Internship Experience at Groww

Yash Pathak
2 min readAug 25, 2022


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This Summer, I got an opportunity to work in India’s one of the leading Financial Technology company — Groww. I was really excited to begin my new journey with Groww as a software developer intern in testing. This role enabled me to develop the product along with ensuring the alignment of the product with its business.

The primary vision of Groww is to make investing easy and accessible for common people. But taking care of the cumbersome tasks associated with starting a demat account including registration, linking PAN card and synchronising data across multiple governmental institutions, Groww makes it easier for people with little or no technical and financial knowledge to start investing through their platform.

The company’s software development structure is divided into four different PODs — investments, banking, platforms, and growth. I am a part of the platforms POD, which is majorly associated to developing the functions of the application that helps a user navigate and perform banking and investment functions easily.

As a software developer engineer in testing, I was expected to initially understand the product completely and then design possible test cases associated with the corresponding functionalities. Later on I was given the task of automating all the test cases that were previously published by the QA team. A part of my job was to perform both manual and automatic testing using various testing methodologies.

Till date, I still get to learn many skills during the internship. I have been introduced to many tools that help to ensure that the product is working as expected, including technologies like Charles proxy, maven, Rest-assured, etc.

Besides designing and building your features, the journey becomes much more exciting while modifying the existing features accommodating a scale of more than million users.

The culture and Groww is extremely entrepreneurial. It takes us to collaborate with multiple teams, tech leads and product managers to get things done. Even at a microscopic level, the company focuses on simplifying the functionalities for a better user experience.

Overall, the experience at Groww brings along a lot of lessons and fun for avid learners.



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